Monday, April 12, 2010

Details is as follows:

Color: Turquoise blue
Designer: Man Kajang
Type of material: French Lace
Style: Long dress - Raja Zara(Wife to Raja Nazrin) inspired dress (fit) - Full of blue and silver beads
Turquoise corset available.
Matching shoe is also available. If same size as me. (I have huge feet, size 8 or 9)

*CAN BE MADE FOR NIKAH TOO, if you dont mind it not being white : ).

For guys:
Turquoise blue songket sampin and Tengkolok(like the one in the picture) is up for rent.

The front in a closer view.

You can even put 3 brooches if you prefer.


  1. price?? email kat

  2. email price juga ;) ni both 1 pair yea?

  3. Can u inbox me the details; price and size?
    Nak sewa!!!


  4. Hi,
    I like to enquire renting yr baju nikah. can u pls e-mail me the details to
    or yr contact no pls.

    Thank you.

  5. hi boleh pm rent details dgn email you dekat ?

  6. Please email me at Need to enquiry about baju nikah